Introducing Care Shares

Introducing Care Shares

Are you looking for something different as a gift for a friend or a relative this Christmas? Then we may just have the answer!

Here you will find all sorts of inspiring examples of just how far a gift can go in supporting the work of CrossReach. Exactly how far is your choice. Please note that all money raised by the sale of Care Shares will be used where it is most needed including for the types of support highlighted in the examples shown.

For each of these imaginative gifts you purchase, we will send you a gift card to send or give to your chosen recipient. And as our 'thank you' to you for choosing to share the care of CrossReach in this way, we will also send you a special 'Care Sharer' lapel badge which we invite you to wear with pride. Please note that you will receive only one 'Care Sharer' lapel badge.

Questions? Call us on 0131 454 4374 or email us at

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