Travelling to Bethlehem

Travelling to Bethlehem

Greeting: With all good wishes for Christmas and New Year
Size: 210mm x 100mm
Pack of 10 cards
Finish: Gloss

Everything in the "Travelling to Bethlehem" picture by the Sparkling Images Group at CrossReach Eskmills Project is representative of something, as follows:

Mono chrome tones of grey represent the idea that this is a painting of a memory that comes to us by word of mouth.
The black lines give definition to the shapes in the painting as theology gives definition to our faith. It also follows the tradition of its use in stained glass windows
The sun: in the beginning there was light, this is the beginning of the journey.
There are three colours used; yellow red and blue, these are primary colours and cannot be made by adding other colours together. From these three colour all the paintings in the history of art will have been made. If you mix red yellow and blue pigment together you create a black, however, if you mix red yellow and blue light together you create a white light.
Mary is the only figure represented by colour. She is traditionally painted with a blue cloak or blue dress. In this painting, the blue cloak represents the Holy Spirit, the headscarf is painted in yellow to represent that she has been anointed by God the Father and the ribbon of red represents Jesus in her womb.
The couple carrying the big load are walking to a place where they can lay their burden down
The mother feeding her children recognises that our children cannot live by bread alone.
The blackbird perched on the dead tree depicts the principality of darkness ever watchful.
There is one shepherd asleep. While he doesn't know it yet, he has a big night ahead so it's as well to get some sleep now.


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