Donating to CrossReach literally changes and saves lives.

Every gift we receive is used to enhance and enrich the lives of people in Scotland who are going through tough or troubling times. You can have faith that your money will be spent where it is needed most.

£5 could help fund a week’s supply of tea and coffee at one of our counselling centres.
£10 could buy a cooking pot and utensils to use over an outdoor campfire for outdoor learning fun.
£25 could allow a child affected by their parent’s substance misuse to take part in activities to build self-esteem and confidence.
£50 could cover the cost of a 1-hour counselling session for someone at rock bottom who doesn’t have the means to pay for the support they need.
£100 enables a new mum to leave her baby safe in the hands of our trained creche workers while she has her counselling sessions
£500 enables someone in recovery from addiction to access the counselling support they need to succeed.

As you can see, a simple donation can have a big impact on someone’s day

“During my second pregnancy, I really suffered mentally and recognised that I needed help to get out of there or I could do something really bad. So my HV referred me to CrossReach and I was able to start counselling in November 2019, just after my son’s birth.

I can really feel a change in myself. I am able to be happy with who I am, accept my wrongs as much as my goods, and can finally see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I really thank CrossReach for their help, it is amazing to have such a service available for parents in need. and the counsellors are amazing, really dedicated and so helpful.”

Counselling service user, CrossReach

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